Champagne bottle boxes with sustainable (printed) wow factor

‘Each champagne bottle is an ultimate gift, that requires an authentic sparkling appearance.

Champagne bottle boxes for memorable moments
Champagne is one of the strongest brands in the wine industry. It started in the 19th century as a drink of the royals and today is still known as a luxury product. As a luxury product champagne doesn't only rely on the quality of the wine, but also the authentic brand appearance, packaging design, printing effects and unboxing experience are of huge importance to create that memorable moment the customer does not forget.

Bottle packaging with an authentic look
Modern consumers demand attractive sustainable packaging with a wow factor. A high-end finish and premium quality fulfill this need. Adding a printing effect like Sparkling Mineral Powder to the package design is a perfect way to grab the consumer’s attention. This printing effects adds a level of authenticity to the brand’s awareness. It creates a genuine luxurious and original feel to the packaging.

What makes Sparkling Mineral Powder suitable for champagne gift boxes?
Champagne is one of the most high valued wines, and is associated to celebration and luxury all around the world. Products related to luxury, demand a premium look and feel. Not only the product or label itself but also the secondary packaging.

Sparkling Mineral Powder has an authentic mineral glitter effect that creates a beautiful visual appearance because of the reflection of light. It is available in bright colors as well as in gold-, silver- and bronze tones. Sparkling Mineral Powder is fixed to paper or cardboard through a very thin layer of “glue”. This printing effect is of high-quality and perfect for details. More over: This technique can be perfectly combined with various other finishing techniques, like hot foil or embossing.

Sparkling Mineral Powder sustainable? Yes!
With sustainability in mind, I like to emphasize that Sparkling Mineral Powder is a mineral-based powder. It creates any desired metallic effect without the use of metal particles. The material does not affect our environment after recycling the packaging.

Champagne bottle boxes made of Kraft cardboard
For champagne bottle boxes Kraft cardboard is the perfect material to work with. It is strong,  sustainable and relatively lightweight. This material contains long fibers, is strong and therefore designed for protecting fragile products. The boxes are delivered flat, which saves space during storage and transport.  This material is eco-friendly and recyclable.

Another element why Kraft cardboard is ideal for folding carton boxes  is because  it is suitable for high quality offset printing. The finest detail for printing can be done. Which printing technique and effect will suit your gift box best, depends on your product, design and/or brand. The possibilities are endless.

Sparkling Mineral Powder perfect for anti-counterfeit
Brand owners spend lots of attention building their exclusive reputation. Counterfeits of product and their packaging can affect the turnover and the overall values of the brand. Therefore, it is important to avoid fraud. Stop counterfeiting and fraud by applying security features to the packaging. Combining visible and invisible security features makes counterfeiting more difficult and complex.

Sparkling Mineral Powder is a perfect technique that can be used as a security feature.
The undertone and color can be registered in a formula which is only available for the customer. 

Vrijdag Premium Printing can apply various techniques to sheets of paper or board, like hot foil, gravure, embossing and offset printing. Combining these techniques creates complexity and thus we can help your brand to stay a step ahead of counterfeiters and forgers.

Sparkling Mineral Powder is 100% food safe
Sparkling Mineral Powder is a 100% natural mineral and 100% food safe. You can find Sparkling Mineral Powder  processed in food and cosmetic products. For instance in eyeshadow and ice-creams.  These natural minerals are allowed to be used on packaging for direct contact with food.

If you are considering adopting Sparkling Mineral Powder printing effects in your design? If you want your bottle packaging to be more edgy, and you consider using unique printing finishes to make a solid impression on your customers. Please contact me, 

Toine Engelen
Packaging Specialist Paper and Board

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