Sustainable packaging

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, this applies to the packaging industry and therefore for Vrijdag Premium Printing. Both within our company with our employees, but also with our customers and partners, sustainability is an important point on the agenda. The aim is that packaging is considerably greener by the year 2021.

Sustainable packaging helps in the development of a circular economy for packaging materials. If packaging is designed, produced and processed and can be renewed, reduced, reused and recycled, it is a contribution to an economy in which raw materials and materials are preserved as long as possible. That's good for the environment, stimulates innovation and contributes to new economic opportunities.

For Vrijdag Premium Printing, this is an exciting challenge which we are very active to get started with and we would like to discover opportunities together with our clients. We think of it as our responsibility for the future but also as a challenge to develop exciting new packagings.


Sustainable packaging

shoulder box sustainable packaging

One of the innovative sustainable packaging solutions realized by Vrijdag Premium Printing is the Shoulder Box. This package was developed by Vrijdag in house and has endless possibilities. The Shoulder Box is used e.g. for packaging of cigarettes and small cigars, but also for products such as chocolate, cosmetics and accessories such as lighters, pens, jewelry, and USB sticks.