Shoulder Box

The shoulder box is the perfect packaging for cigarettes, small cigars, cosmetics, jewelry and many other products. A beautifully finished shoulder box creates a perfect presentation of your products.

Vrijdag Premium Printing distinguishes itself in the production of luxury shoulder boxes of solid cardboard. Shoulder boxes are mainly used for the packaging of cigarettes and little cigars. The maximum dimension of the shoulder box is 136 x 125 x 22 mm (L x W x H). Shoulder boxes are also very suitable as gift box, e.g. for the packaging of products such as cosmetics, jewelry and gifts.

Shoulder Box Luxury Giftbox

Each shoulder gift box is tailor-made which makes it a very attractive packaging style. We use our luxury techniques to make a packaging that really stands out. Some technologies which are often used for shoulder boxes are bronzing and lacquers. On our website you will also find more examples of shoulder gift boxes produced by us.

Shoulder Boxes by Vrijdag Premium Printing

Shoulder boxes, made by Vrijdag Premium Printing are supplied for many purposes across a range of industries. We will gladly discuss the opportunities for the packaging of your products with you. Please do not hestitate to contact us for more information.

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