Secure printed matter

A part that is getting more and more attention at Vrijdag Premium Printing is the realization of secured printing. Due to increasing demand from the market, we have deepened the possibilities of secured printing and can offer this to our customers. As you can and can expect from us, secured printing from Vrijdag Premium Printing is also truly secure and we have developed proven solutions that protect your printed matter against illegal copies and other fraud.

Why protect printed matter?

Worldwide, tens of billions of euros are being imitated with branded goods. A big problem, especially for the manufacturer. Not only is turnover lost, the counterfeit products are sometimes not really distinguishable. The consumer is therefore under the impression that an original product is bought that, after purchase, most likely does not meet the high expectations. The manufacturer is being blamed, but is in fact powerless in this situation. Despite the criminalization of the counterfeiting of branded goods, there still appears to be a lot of trade. So solutions must be sought.

secure printed matter

Secure printed matter by Vrijdag Premium Printing

One solution is to secure printed matter and articles with unique identification options. Thanks to the finishing techniques applied at Vrijdag Premium Printing we can provide packaging that is so unique that it is not interesting to be copied by third parties. A large part of this security is hidden and we will let you see the possibilities in a personal interview. View more innovations and creations from Vrijdag Premium Printing.

Our employees are also active in coming up with solutions in the field of secured printing, sustainable packaging, innovative packaging and we are proud of our constantly innovating team of employees. We would also like to think along with you about the possibility of securing your printed matter. We are happy to make an appointment with you!

Vrijdag Premium Printing protects your products against counterfeiting!

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