A packaging that is printed is recognizable and has a unique appearance. For many products it is therefore interesting to print exclusive packaging. At Vrijdag Premium Printing exclusive labels, boxes and packaging are printed. 

Vrijdag Premium Printing has years of experience in printing. Vrijdag Premium Printing is a high-quality printing company. The unique innovative packaging of Vrijdag Premium Printing are real eyecatchers. The packaging provides a special effect and gives the product a luxurious appearance.

Unique techniques

The techniques used by Vrijdag Premium Printing are very special because of the combination of different techniques for printing the packaging. This ensures a unique result that gives your product a distinctive package. For example, we use techniques such as embossing, bronze and foil.

The benefits of beautiful packaging

A beautiful package stands out on the shelves of stores or online webshops. Special packaging often ensures that your product is sold better. If your product's packaging is a real eye-catcher, people are more likely to take it. Printing packaging at Vrijdag Premium Printing ensures that your product makes a great first impression. The exclusive and luxurious packaging often ensures that your product sells better and that people appreciate it better. We think short lines with you as a customer are very important and we also know exactly how to respond to the emotions of end users. Ultimately, you want the packaging and emotion that goes with it to ensure that the customer chooses the product. We are happy to help you.

Printing packaging

Gift packaging

Getting your product as a gift must be an experience from the beginning. A unique gift packaging fits in perfectly with this. A beautiful package is an added value to your product. This is often the first impression the customer gets with your product. A beautiful gift box ensures that your product is even more appreciated.

Contact us!

Are you interested in printing packaging for your product? Contact us. Our printing office in Eindhoven is happy to think along with you. We carry out worldwide assignments. The packaging is therefore used worldwide. Our printing office is always ready to realize the optimal packaging for your products.