Packaging and usability

One of the biggest frustrations is a packaging that does not open the way you expect it to open. Packaging and usability is therefore an important issue and should not be overruled by designs. We see a number of important keys to consider when designing a new packaging solution:

  • No superhuman strength should be required to open a packaging, opening a packaging should never cause injuries from scissors, knives etc
  • Inituitive packaging, which immediately and without thinking enables a customer to open the packaging
  • Printed text on packaging should be easy to read
  • Products have to be safe in the packaging; twisting and turning the packaging should not damage the product itself

By all means a package needs to remind the customer of the brand they bought.

Packaging and usability

Vrijdag Premium Printing can support you in designing packaging that has great usability, but at the same time considers emotions in the buying process. We use innovative, new technologies combined with traditional technologies to deliver the packaging that meets your needs for an attractive and luxury packaging, but also values usability by customers.

Some of the printing technologies of Vrijdag Premium Printing:


Of course, we will be glad to discuss the opportunities for your brand and company and be able to show you some of our greatest packagings. Please contact us to make an appointment with one of our packaging experts.