Packaging and emotion

At Vrijdag Premium Printing we know everything about packaging and emotion. Choosing the right packaging and making use of optimal color use and techniques can trigger customer emotion needed to pick them up for your product!

Packaging can be considered as a key marketing tool and must:

  • contain and protect the product
  • be openable and usable
  • stand out on the shelf
  • appeal with emotion to consumers

Vrijdag Premium Printing has in-house all the means to stimulate the emotion of your customer in a positive way and make optimal use of the marketing perspective of packaging. Thanks to years of experience in the industry and our short lines with our customer, as well as the end user, we can perfectly respond to your client's emotion.

Levels of emotional experience of packaging

  • aesthetics (looks)
  • usability
  • reflection

We can show you more of our realized packaging during a personal introduction. You can then see with your own eyes how we influence the emotion of the customer. Also on this website you will find countless examples of packaging and emotion. Of course, innovations are central as well, like e.g. the packaging with LED lights incorporated into it.


Discover how packaging and emotion go together for your products?

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Packaging and emotion