Luxury cardboard packaging

We promote your brand! Do you need luxurious cardboard packaging? Vrijdag Premium Printing is your professional partner, we produce luxury cardboard packaging for various sectors within the food and non-food industries, such as cosmetics, tobacco, clothing accessories, chocolate, scented candles and body care products. For exclusive cardboard packaging with a luxurious touch you are definitely at the right place at Vrijdag Premium Printing!

About Vrijdag Premium Printing

luxury cardboard packaging

Vrijdag Premium Printing is located in Eindhoven, the creative heart of the Netherlands. From our office in Eindhoven, we produce luxury cartons to customers around the world. Traditionally is our specialization in the production of cigar bands, but over the years we have specialized in the production of luxury cardboard packaging as well. Thanks to the many techniques that we can apply in house, we have been able to realize beautiful packaging which give your product a positive image.

Printing techniques

In addition to conventional sheet-fed offset press Vrijdag Premium Printing also uses innovative printing technologies, as UV inks and varnishes. Our deep sheet printing press is unique which make very intense colors feasible. Some printing technologies that Vrijdag Premium Printing regularly applies to luxury card board packagings are bronzing, embossing, foils, embossing, creasing, lacquering and doming. We have our own capacity to use these techniques in-house. Therefore we partner from the design of your packaging to the final product completely in-house. This guarantees the high quality that Vrijdag Premium Printing is known for.

Luxury packaging specialists

At Vrijdag Premium Printing, we are proud of our status as luxury packaging specialist. Our experienced team is glad to be of help to you and we would like to think together with you for the best differentiation of your brand through packaging.


Let's work together to promote your brand!