Lifestyle packaging

Lifestyle packaging is one of the specialties of Vrijdag Premium Printing. Our packaging for lifestyle products are more and more often discovered by both small and large companies that want to realise a packaging which gives thes product an extra dimension.

Some examples:

  • Anco-Pure-Vanda: packaging foor orchids 
  • Marie-Stella-Maris: award-winning scent candle packaging
  • Novalli gloves: exclusive pakaging for unique leather gloves 
  • Petra Reijrink: jewelry beautifully packed in luxurious boxes 

History in cigar industry

Vrijdag Premium Printing has a long history in the cigar industry and has had the privilege of producing the most exclusive and original cigar bands for cigar makers from all over the world. Smoking cigars is for many people part of their lifestyle and a beautifully designed cigar band gives the cigar an extra dimension.

One of our clients is Agio Cigars, a family business with a rich tradition, just like Vrijdag Premium Printing. Read more about our many years of cooperation.

 lifestyle verpakking

Luxurious packaging of jewelry for Petra Reijrink

Packaging of lifestyle products

Luxury lifestyle products are varied and visible in many different occassions. Vrijdag Premium Printing is the partner for every company that wants to develop an exclusive packaging for their lifestyle products. From fashion to jewelry and from cosmetics to luxury consumer products, together we will develop the packaging that gives your products an extra dimension.

We know the technical opportunities like no other printing company, but we also think of innovative and forward-looking applications that give your products added value. Lifestyle packaging is produced with our beautiful technologies like bronzing, embossing, foiling, die-cut and creasing and applying lacquers. Often multiple technologies are combined to reach the appearance that suits your company and product.

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