Innovative packaging

After developing a new product, the packaging of this is the finishing touch. Increasingly companies attach great importance to the packaging, especially when it comes to luxury products and brands. Some points that you can distinguish your brand in by developing innovative packaging are:

  • choice of material
  • printing technique
  • design
  • extras such as secured printing and micro-structure laquer with 3D effect

Vrijdag Premium Printing has specialized for many years as a supplier of innovative packaging. We started as a supplier of cigar bands which in itself is a very innovative product. On a cigarband is of course only a very small area available to print and cigarbands are often small pieces of art themselves. We are proud on specializing in this area and to fully use all the techniques in this field. But we can also use this on a larger scale where there is much more room for the outstanding printing techniques of Vrijdag Premium Printing.

Why you should distinguish with packaging?

innovative packagingIn a store the packaging is the first thing a consumer sees. A striking package that distinguishes itself and directly positions the image of the brand gives the brand added value. A packaging is a good marketing tool. When purchasing a luxury item, the packaging is really a way to differentiate. For example, Vrijdag Premium Printing has made beautiful luxury boxes in which gloves are packaged. After the purchase the customer receives the gloves in a luxury box and this will be saved to keep the gloves. The company name will therefore remain constantly in the memory of the client.

Authentic innovative packaging

Vrijdag Premium Printing is also very active with trends in packaging design and technique. We are always looking for points to differentiate your brand. For example, when making a packaging with an authentic vintage look, the bronzing technology of Vrijdag Premium Printing is very suitable.

The packaging industry is constantly changing and Vrijdag Premium Printing is constantly on top of all developments. We visit for example many fairs and are proud of our employees who think along very active in developing new and innovative packaging. The development of sustainable packaging is an important issue and we certainly take responsibility in this issue.

We like to think together with you about the use of innovative packaging for your brand or product. Let our knowledge of printing with innovative ideas when it comes to packaging surprise you!

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