A gift box is indispensable for luxury products and creates the extra appearance that you want for your product.

A gift box from Vrijdag Premium Printing makes you stand out!

Depending on your product and needs, a gift box is designed that perfectly matches the size and shape. Creativity and technical possibilities are combined to create a distinctive package that gives your product exactly the appearance it deserves. Thanks to years of experience we have very different printing techniques that can also be combined. This often results in unique packaging that really adds value to the store shelf.

A luxurious gift box for your product

With a beautiful luxury gift box you give your product some extra style. In the picture above you can see some examples of gift boxes that we have produced, but the possibilities in this are endless. You can e.g. use a luxury gift box for:

  • Cigar boxes
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Beverage packaging, such as liqueurs
  • Promotional gifts

Not only does a beautiful gift box give your product something extra in terms of appearance, it also provides extra protection for your product.

About Vrijdag Premium Printing

Vrijdag Premium Printing is a printing company based in Eindhoven. For many years we have specialized in cigar bands and have built up a worldwide reputation. Meanwhile, we are also focusing on other markets where we can use the knowledge we have gained in the tobacco industry very well for other industries.

In its more than 100-year history, Vrijdag Premium Printing saw its high quality level awarded several times with prestigious awards, including the 'Sappi International Printer of the Year Award' and the 'Golden Z Award'.

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