Exclusive Packaging

Are you looking for an exclusive and luxurious packaging, such as a packaging for your lifestyle product? Vrijdag Premium Printing is a premium printing printing company, located in Eindhoven. We can provide you with everything you need to give your product an exclusive appearance by its packaging. We provide the entire process from design to realization of your package and we like to think along with you to reach the added value that your product deserves.

Packaging is an important aspect for your customer to get a good feeling about a product. These exclusive packaging can be found with Vrijdag Premium Printing, like e.g. the deluxe package that we realized for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2016.

Exclusive Packaging

Packaging of Vrijdag Premium Printing

Vrijdag Premium Printing offers a wide range of exclusive packaging, from folding carton to exclusive gift boxes. In addition to packaging we are supplier of wet glue labels which various techniques can also give a high degree of exclusivity.

Folding carton

The production of folding carton is always tailor-made by Vrijdag Premium Printing with extreme precision. Folding carton is ideal for exclusive packaging for industries such as food, non-food and cosmetics. Combine a folding carton for example with source technology or foil to improve the market value of your product

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The C-box of Vrijdag Premium Printing is a luxury cardboard packaging. The C-Box is widely used as gift box and is very suitable for packaging of cosmetics, perfume, jewelry, chocolates, cigars, gifts and lots of other products. The inspiration for our C-box comes from the traditional cigar box.

Everything is possible with the C-box. There is a wide choice of materials and interior for the C-box. Add this together with the unlimited printing and finishing techniques of Vrijdag Premium Printing and the result is a package that certainly adds value to your product. The C-box can be produced in special shapes, such as conical, oblique descending in height, or with a cover in two parts. Our automated production lines make large numbers possible, but also small orders can be produced.

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Shoulder Box

Vrijdag Premium Printing produces shoulder boxes of solid cardboard. Shoulder Boxes are mainly used for the packaging of cigarettes and little cigars. The maximum dimensions of 136 x 125 x 22 mm (L x W x H), however, make this product suitable for packaging other products such as cosmetics, jewelry and gifts.

Each shoulder box is tailor-made, for example, with technologies such as gold bronze, gold foil and embossing. Shoulder boxes can be produced with or without interior.

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At Vrijdag Premium Printing we are proud of the V-box, because it is a fully in-house developed cardboard packaging that offers many possibilities. The V-box has a hinged lid and consists of only three parts: a cover, a bottom and a label. We have developed a new machine with which we produce medium-sized to large quantities with a relatively short changeover time, but with a consistent quality. The V-box is a solid package that we can make in any version, from one color to full color with gold or silver printing, film and/or embossing.

You can use the V-Box for packaging of cigarettes and small cigars, but also as gift box for products such as chocolate, cosmetics and accessories such as lighters, pens, jewelry, and USB sticks.

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Do you want more information on the exclusive packaging of Vrijdag Premium Printing? Feel free to discuss together the many opportunities that we can provide in terms of packaging and technology.

About Vrijdag Premium Printing

Vrijdag Premium Printing is a printing company located in a characteristic building in Eindhoven. In 2015 we celebrated our 110th anniversary. We have experience with the printing of cigar bands, but the technologies and products we have developed for this purpose can also be used very well for exclusive packaging of various lifestyle, food, non-food and cosmetic products.

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