Exclusive Label Printing

Exclusive Labels PrintingFor various products in the higher segment it is smart to have labels printed in an exclusive way. Thanks to the unique techniques and materials used at Vrijdag Premium Printing, we can print exclusive labels that 'pop out of the product board' as it were.

Vrijdag Premium Printing is a company with years of experience when it comes to exclusive printing. Our history goes back to the year 1905, when we started as a printing company of cigar bands. With this, we have now built up a leading name worldwide, which we are very proud of. The experience we have built up with the printing on small surfaces as a cigar band, we have expanded over the years into related products. Labels are a good example of this. For example, can you think of printing on:

  • labels for champagne bottles
  • labels for perfume bottles
  • labels for distilled drinks such as cognac and liqueurs
  • labels for beer brands

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Wet glue labels

For the labels we use wet glue labels that can be used for example on glass bottles, jars and PET bottles. The exclusive printing of these natlijmetiketten already starts with the design. For this we make the most beautiful designs that perfectly represent your message. Then we choose a material type that matches your appearance. For example, we use metallised paper that immediately gives a striking effect to the label. Of course, for the printing techniques are used that provide even more effect and appearance. The stamping of the label is also an important factor. With this we can give the label any desired shape. Every wet glue label designed by Vrijdag Premium Printing is fully customized, you are not bound by standard labels, but you can think creatively in realizing the label that enhances your brand.

Printing exclusive labels: we use these techniques

Through the years we have invested in our techniques, but also in combinations of techniques. This results in results that in our eyes are often real gems. With the techniques you can think for example of:

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We are happy to think along with you when you are looking for a supplier of exclusive labels and labels. We will be glad to surprise you with our creativity and realized projects.

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