Chocolate packaging

chocolate packaging

Everyone loves chocolate. But not only the taste of chocolate should appeal, the packaging is also important to complete the look of the chocolate. The chocolate packaging can add a unique value to the product. You can realize this image together with Vrijdag Premium Printing. In our innovative printing company, we have all the machines and printing techniques to make your chocolate packaging stand out and provide a striking and high-quality packaging in the

 product board. With us you will find special packaging that gives your product the appearance it deserves. 

Chocolate packaging as promotional gifts

Chocolate is particularly suitable as a promotional gift and in many cases it is then desirable to package the chocolate in a suitable package. For example, we realized the packaging that you see on the photo on this page for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The chocolates have their own shape and the packaging is fully customized for this. This way you make an indelible impression with your packaging.

Printing techniques

chocolate packaging

We have specialized machines that are sometimes custom made even for Vrijdag Premium Printing Eindhoven. With this we print the most exclusive packaging of high quality. Some of the techniques are listed below. With these techniques we provide special effects, special shapes and details that give your chocolate packaging just a bit more.

  • Printing
  • Bronzing
  • Embossing
  • Foil
  • Die-cutting & creasing
  • Lacquers
  • Resin doming
  • Anti-counterfeit


About Vrijdag Premium Printing

Vrijdag Premium Printing is based in Eindhoven and is active as a royal company in exclusive printed matter. Traditionally, we have a specialization in cigar bands through which we have developed the skill and expertise on a minimal piece of paper to create extra attention and experience for a product. We have now deployed this expertise in many more areas where exclusive printing is required, such as the packaging of chocolate, jewelery, cosmetics and gifts.

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